About Us

The story of Pande Cameron

In 1924 when Colonel Guner Pande and Ernest H. Cameron started an importing business to bring the treasures of the Far East to this country, hiring an ambitious young man as their assistant Pande Cameron was born. A quarter century later that young man, Mihran Paul Andonian, bought the business and the Andonian family became the proud owners of Pande Cameron & Company of Seattle. Now in its third generation of family ownership, father and son Charles and Brad Andonian maintain the same principles that Pande and Cameron founded the business on. We still insist that our rugs be of the highest quality. We still gladly allow our customers to try a rug in their own home before they decide to buy. And we still believe that, like a fine rug, treating our customers with honesty and respect will never wear out.

Pande Cameron is proud to support the following organizations:

Jewish Family Services
Union Gospel Mission

Voucher For Auctions:
Pande Cameron is pleased to support local school/group auctions with a voucher for Area Rug Cleaning.
Please mail your form to the Seattle store for consideration.

In 1924 Col Guner Pande and Ernest H. Cameron opened Pande Cameron.

In 1929 Mihran Paul Andonian joined Pande Cameron.

In 1962 Charles Andonian joined Pande Cameron.

In 1995 Brad Andonian joined Pande Cameron.