Was your question left un-answered?2022-08-07T14:54:43-07:00

If you failed to find the answer you were looking for please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

What are your terms and conditions?2022-08-07T14:54:12-07:00

Click here to view our terms and conditions.

Can you remove a stain from my rug?2022-08-07T14:53:20-07:00

We do not guarantee removal of stains, marks or odors; That said we work our best to remedy them but cannot promise perfection.

How long is the turn around on getting a rug cleaned?2022-08-07T14:52:53-07:00

Turn around averages five days.

Do you pick up and deliver for cleaning?2022-08-07T14:51:58-07:00

Yes! more information can be found under Rug Cleaning.

How often should I clean my rugs?2022-08-07T14:51:29-07:00

Every 3-5 years.

Do you purchase rugs back?2022-08-07T14:51:00-07:00

We have never had a policy of purchasing a customers rug back from them; we occasionally will make an offer on an antique rug or take it on consignment.

Do you ship customers’ rugs?2022-08-07T14:50:29-07:00

Only rugs that were just purchased. Prior purchase, cleaning orders etc. are not shipped—unless shipped in. We do offer packing (for a fee) in order to make it easier for UPS or FedEx to assist with this process.

What size rug fits my dining table?2022-08-07T14:49:37-07:00

Generally speaking for a 6 chair table a 8’×10′ rug will feel comfortable while with an 8 chair table you’d likely be better looking at a 9’×12′ rug and for a 10 chair table a 10’×14′ rug.

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