Pande Cameron Showroom

Fine Oriental Rugs.

As the second oldest rug retailer west of Chicago, we have always strived to carry the finest quality hand-knotted rugs. Our inventory is comprised of over 3000 rugs from runners and 2’ x 3’ scatters all the way up to monstrous 15’ x 25’ area rugs.

Pande Cameron Rug Cleaning

Rug overdue for a bath?

Professional rug cleaning is what we do best! And no matter how careful you are, your rug will become soiled over time. We recommend cleaning your rug every 3-5 years in a highly trafficked room and every 5-7 years in less used spaces.

Pande Cameron Rug Padding

Rug pad “slipping” and dry?

Padding typically will last 3-10 years depending on heat, humidity and use. Rug padding cannot be cleaned. If pads are “slipping”, dry or the rubber is deteriorating into a powder, they are past their useful life.

Pande Cameron Gallery

Draw inspiration from our gallery.

View how others have staged their homes.