Terms and Conditions

The Company reserves the right to determine the proper process of cleaning that is suitable. There is no guarantee against shrinkage, wrinkling, loss of shape, bleeding and fugitive colors, fabric separation, changes in texture and/or condition. All cotton, jute, rayon, fiber or substandard rugs will be accepted for cleaning only at owners risk. Company will make its best effort on each rug taken for service, no guarantee is given for removal of stains or spots of any nature. Rugs left over 15 days are subject to storage charges of $1/square foot per month or part thereof.

We continue to let our customers try a rug before purchase. However, all sales are final three days after invoice. No Returns or Exchanges will be accepted.

Special/Custom Orders:
These orders require a non-refundable 50% pre payment before and order can be placed with the weaver. The balance is due on arrival to our Seattle warehouse and prior to delivery/shipment to a customer. No refunds or exchanges are offered or available on any Custom/Special Order.

Handcrafted/Hand-knotted Notes:
Our rugs are a craft item made of natural materials. Wool textures, striations, pile height variances, sprouts and color shading is a natural aspect of our rugs and is not a defect, flaw or lack of quality control in the weaving process. Furthermore, differentiation in width and length from end to end/side to side is to be expected.

Pande Cameron and affiliated company Rug Care LLC do not offer, endorse or support any warranty of product sold or work performed. All products are sold as is.